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Agustus Flomo & family from Africa. 

This is Anastasia, from Russia. Hanna & Ezra taken in Denver, '04. Both are from Ethiopia.

Brahini Ignatius Brahini Ignatius, jr. from Africa.

Cindy & Roger, Ohio '04.

Daniel Babtus Acheampong

Elfi & Martin with his sister in Switzerland/Germany. Lee Kyunghee Asian part of the world!

  One of my brothers and sisters 11/14/89. Nick on the right of me (front) is deceased and so is Bobbie the one in between Jean and Joan (in the back). June on left of me and Charles at back on left. This was the last time we were altogether, after Mother's funeral and the stress was being released! Fenco Ude, Africa. Here is my sis Joan & niece Terri. This is Marissa from the Philippines, whose father is sick. She also sent me the beautiful things to sell for her and soon I will have them up in my store for you all to see and buy! 

Kelvin Orho, Africa. This is Parker Oliver, my bio-father when he was in the Army many years ago. This is Peter Hall and his family in Africa. Barb & her Mom. Pastor M. K. Prasada, India  My nephew, Tommy in dorm.  Marissa and the youth volunteers in Philippines.

Here is Leo Vogels and family in '02, Europe.