Around the world by Cyber Space


This is Rames & two of her friends!

She's now living happily in the U.K.

This is Tony from Ireland!

This is Marissa

and the children in her church in the Philippines. 2004.

Here is my Barbie a few years ago!

And this is Doris, from Ireland with

her family, several years ago. She is so sweet!

From the U.S.A we have Judith! 

Then there is Nancy, me, & Karen!

When they visited me in Ohio in 2002!

This is Patty & her daughter, Shaneka, in Ky.

And we have Mother & me in May 1989.   

Here is Barb'n'me on my couch in

1999 in Ohio!

For show stoppers we have

Teresa, and Cliff with me on my front porch in Ohio. 2000.

This is Johnny & me in Ohio kitchen!   

    This is Kris from China being silly with a noodle!

From  the Philippines is Marissa!

This is Elaine and friends on Hereford Bridge (England)!


        Ruhasha Dickson, a pastor from Africa.

      Pastor Wabulo from Africa also.

 This is Patty & Doug from Ky. U.S.A.

Sam Ohiorenoya from Africa.

Sename Carlomos, Africa?

   Sunday School kids

 from Malawi, Africa. Aren't they just so sweet?

This is Susan with her hubby.

    This is Teresa and Cliff after they were married

several YEARS ago! Ohio, U.S.A. 

And Terri lives in Nevada! 

      And here we have my Elfi from Switzerland!

This is the 6 Muskateers, in Ohio 2002!

      Finally for this page, we end with

my bestest buddy, from nearly 41 years ago at high school, my

   study partner, prayer partner, the friend of my heart, my Susie-Q!