May the LORD bless each of you and may HE cause HIS face to shine upon you always. May your New Year be such a blessing for you, that you will remember it always! GOD bless each one of you! Katie

 ~ Our TWO Bodies ~

(physical & Spiritual)

 What makes our bodies so alike and yet so different? Perhaps you

think I am going to talk about the appearances of the body..such

as why you have red hair instead of black hair or why you have blue

eyes and not that is not what I shall discuss in this

paper. What I intend to discuss and hope that you will find it

interesting enough to read all of it and perhaps share it with your

friends, is just this. We are ALL made up of the physical and the

Spiritual. You say: "NO?!" And perhaps smile as if I am speaking

absurdities! You, of course, know this, and I am telling you nothing

that you have not already known for a long time, no doubt! Well,

good! That established in our minds, then let me say this. How often

do you eat in a day? Once..twice..three times..five times perhaps?

Small meals, snacks, desserts, "junk-foods", or just liquids for a

time to cleanse your colon out? Well, no many times a

day do you read the WORD of GOD? I am talking about the

Bible, itself..not some "how to", or self-help books by some Christian

authors or psychologists, and the like. I mean: HOW many times a

day do you pick up the Bible and read a chapter in both the Old

and New Testaments..let's not leave the "law" out just because we

are living "under grace"..ok? For you see the "law" was the first

covenant made with man. Man was the one who "messed up" and

broke the laws of GOD. So HE had to make it easier if HE wanted

any of HIS creation whom HE loved so very much to spend eternity

with HIM in HIS heavens and HIS kingdom. So we have the Son

of GOD sent to be born of a young virgin and live a sinless life and

suffer beatings and death upon the cross, to atone for our sins. Also

HE was buried in a borrowed grave (tomb) and on the third day,

HE arose by HIS own power from the dead and forty days after

appearing among men upon earth, HE ascended to the right hand

(the Power) of the Father. By this acceptance, we have acknowledged

that JESUS, the CHRIST is the only way to GOD, the Father..

otherwise, there are many ways to get to heaven and that is "not"

what GOD says in HIS Word..HE said there is only ONE way to

get to HIS eternal city and that is through belief and acceptance

of HIS Son, JESUS.  That is what the church teaches anyway!

Well, I am getting a little off the track, huh? I mean we All eat every

 day, don't we? Why? Isn't it to keep up maintenance on the physical

 body? Sure it is! If we never ate, we would become emaciated

and starve to death, right? Well, guess what?! When we do not feed our

"inner-man" (the Spirit), by reading the Word of GOD everyday and

getting HIS righteousness and the laws for HIS love, joy, peace,

 gentleness, kindness, mercy, justice, goodness, and holiness

into our soul, heart, Spirit, mind: then how do we expect

our "inner-man" (the one that will spend eternity in heaven

or hell) can we expect "him" to grow and become strong

in spiritual matters, if "we starve him of his necessary food daily"

which is the Holy Word of GOD!? We cannot expect him to grow

and strengthen himself, if we do not feed him, now can we? So if you

(we) eat an egg, with toast and bacon..or french-toast, with a

scrambled egg and biscuits, with juice and coffee..then let us get our

heads into the Word of GOD and do some reading and studying of

HIS Word. For HIS Word is "sharper than a two-edged sword"

and it is the "faith that sustains us in our trials of trouble and pain

upon this earth". HIS Word builds "faith" in our hearts..the heart

here that I speak of, is not the organ that beats within our chest..

the heart here is the "inner man" the soul, the main thing within us..

it is the centre of our is our mind that keeps thought and

words and pictures and processes everything we see, hear, smell,

touch, taste, or feel isn't it? Well, then it is our mind, that is the

"heart" that JESUS speaks about in HIS Word that "with the

heart a man thinks" and so is he. It is the mind that holds the

memories and everything we have learned throughout our life span.

It is with the heart (mind) that we shall learn the words of the

Bible and what HE means when HE says things in there that seem

so complicated..but it is really not at all when we kneel before the

LORD and ask HIS guidance and HIS wisdom to learn HIS

Word and HIS plan for our life..HIS Word puts "faith" within

our hearts (mind) and with this faith our new birth is brought forth

and with this we have eternal life with GOD...for "faith is the

substance of things "hoped for"..the evidence of things "not seen"..

meaning substance..something that you can touch when you have it

within your hands, and the evidence..what is that? It is the thing

that shows everyone that we exist! Evidence in a trial can imprison

someone of free them from prison, can't it? Well that is what

"faith" is..isn't that something?! That is how sure GOD is of HIS

FAITH in! HIS faith in us? Yes, because HE has more

faith in us, than we do ourselves! Isn't that something?! HE has

told us that HE knows how hard it must be to serve a GOD that is

"unseen".."invisible"..but HE knows the "faith" which HE put within

each of makes us to KNOW that we shall see the sun when we

awaken the next is what we KNOW that the sun will set

when evening comes and the stars will shine in a clear, cloudless sky

when we see the night come upon us. The faith that HE put within

each of us, causes us to KNOW that the sea will always keep within

its boundaries because HE spoke it thus, isn't it? The faith that

HE put within each of our souls makes us to KNOW that there is a

"higher being" than we, ourselves, to who we owe our lives. This is

what I meant in the beginning about our two stress the

importance of feeding the inner-man just as we feed the physical

man (daily)..for without the milk and meat of the Word of GOD

our "inner-man" (Spirit-man) shall die and we shall sentence him to

an eternity in hell without the "knowledge of GOD"..never to be with

our GOD...never to exist within the realm of GOD! Our "Spirit-man"

is much more important than our "physical-man" and we must learn

this and never forget it. GOD bless us everyone!

(Katie S. Feb. 8, 2002)


What is Life? 

 Sitting here and thinking to myself about so many people that have passed in and out of my life, throughout my whole 53 years on this earth, I asked myself: "What is life?"

And to my mind came these words. "Life is but a vapor, as the Bible says. It is nothing but a "blade of grass" that has now been withered and blown away. Life is the beginning of all our sorrows and the ending of all our triumphs in this world. It is as the Bible says: "Vanished and gone away"...all for naught, unless we have come to know GOD.

It is as a fire that began as an small ember that caught a whole forest aflame and as it roars into it's highest peak and then finally burns itself out and the small flickering flame is smoldering into the ashes of this life. It is a flame that is gone out like a candle in the wind.

Sometimes I think that so very many people have died here in my lifetime. My precious Mother & Daddy, my bio-father, all of my beloved grandparents are gone, a brother, two sisters, two spouses, loving aunts and uncles, my own beautiful babies that I miscarried and my only beloved son...all are now gone from my life...I have had several friends in school that died early on in their lives...two very special friends especially and both left young sad and heartbreaking were these deaths to my spirit, for the love and happiness I shared with these two lovely girls in school and out.

I have prayed and asked GOD to touch and save EVERY person that I have ever met, talked to (by phone or in person), and those that I have even "thought" of in my lifetime and for all of those that I never knew, but saw in airports, malls, train stations, hospitals, nursing homes, work places, from every state I have ever been in throughout my lifetime...I have asked HIM to save them and their families and then for all of my friends I prayed the same thing for them and their families...and I believe HE will honor that to the best of HIS ability in the matter! For HE is RIGHTEOUS in all situations.

But as I sat and thought of this life of mine I began to just wonder what I have brought forth in this lifetime that is an accomplishment for me...and then I think of my two lovely daughters and the precious grandbabies! What a "fruit to bring forth" in this life, huh? Children that make a parent proud and honored to be their parent...that is how I feel about my two daughters.

I may have done a lot of things wrong in my life, but GOD helped me bring them up to be two GOD-fearing, law-abiding, beautiful, intelligent young women...who married two wonderful young men and now have four beautiful children between them! I thank GOD for this major accomplishment in my life. I may have never done anything else in this life right, but of these two wonderful young women, I can surely be proud to have brought them up to know GOD!

I thought of my Mother dying at only 76 years of age...yes this may seem old to some of you, but to others who are on the "flipside of 50" it really isn't too long upon this earth when you think about it. There have been some people who have lived to be 100 or 125 years old! Now THAT is pretty old, isn't it?

But when WE lose a loved one, their age doesn't seem old at all...and when our loved one is a young adult in their 20's or maybe a teenager...or maybe a young baby...then that is when it is so hard and the questions of "WHY?" and "I don't understand!"...come to mind don't they? Many questions fill our hearts.

But life is like a flower garden in a way...there are gorgeous Roses, brightly colored Pansies, perky little Daisies, an Iris or two, beautiful Violets, scads of Babies Breath, Mums galore, many Passion flowers sprinkled about, big tall Sun Flowers nodding their heads, and then some Ivy scattered amongst and throughout the garden...(you may even have a few "stink-weeds" weaving between the flowers) and they each have a "peak season" of their most beautiful colors, and within their short life-span, nothing can match their beauty! But all too soon, they are faded, then wilt and die away.

What is left by so many of them? Seed...many will dry up and you get seed from them to start new flowers for your garden in the next spring planting. Like all of nature's plants, and animals, these all come to birth, live in beauty, and die when the course of life is done. Some may be stepped and trampled upon in their lifetime and some may be burned by fires or drowned in floods and some may die from diseases...but many die of natural causes or old age. All of this life is like that...a circle of a continuous wheel that is really what we experience in our lifetime. That's a "no-brainer", huh?

It is like that with our life...we come in all pink and aglow, full of vitality...months of growing and learning turn into years of trials and tears and then into mature wisdom of experience in life...and slowly before you know it, life has changed from the bright sun-shine days of childhood into the fading colors of young adults. From there you have the picturesque-paintings of retirement life and then comes the most gorgeous sun-sets in life...just before the shades of this life are drawn forever, you have found peace with the LORD who created you and that my friends, is worth it all! For without HIM, we are nothing and we are eternally lost! Another "no-brainer"!

But as I began out this story...or a thought really, I ask again, What is Life? We are each like a "King of it's own Kingdom". For you see WE are each ONE person, right? There is never ANOTHER US, is there? Even with identical twins, there is ONE difference...maybe just their time of birth...the older ones have a wider, more heavy face and the younger has a longer or narrow face than their twin! And there is NEVER another person inside OUR body, is there? So this "king" (we ourselves) are the "king of this kingdom" (our own life). We rule this kingdom and no other dare try to rule OUR domain, right?

Well, we have to "de-throne ourselves" (the flesh and it's desires) to allow JESUS to become KING of our life, soul, heart, mind, body, and spirit! That is what this life is all about...allowing KING JESUS to come into our life and rule it for HIS glory and not for our own! So that when we fade and die out to this life, we shall have an eternal home with HIM in HIS heaven. That is our goal in this life! (Nov. 30, 2001. K.S.)


~ What Would YOU Give In ~ Exchange For YOUR Soul?

Oh the joy that you feel when your sins are no longer a weight around your neck! No longer like a millstone tied around you as you are cast into the sea of life to swim or drown! What a load off your shoulders! Do you remember the first time you came to JESUS and asked HIM to forgive you of all your sins and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness and make you holy in HIS sight? Do you recall how weighted down you felt as you sat in the church pew, as the preacher preached of hell-fire and brimstone, and of wicked sins that you KNEW you had in your life...did he read your mind? How did he know that you were hiding all of those things in your life? Then he gave an altar-call and down the aisle you ran to fall on your knees and "give your heart to JESUS"! Do you recall that day? That moment? That very second that YOU became a "new born babe" in the Kingdom of GOD?

You took off from there: growing "like a weed", as the old saying goes! You could not get enough of attending church services to hear the Word of GOD being preached or seeing other souls coming to the altar to be saved...or hearing the songs of worship and praise being sung..even though there were some people there that couldn't "carry a tune in a bushel basket"! It all sounded so beautiful to your ears! It was such a happy, joyous time, when you "first" came to know JESUS! Like a "new lover" wooing your heart to come to HIM! You would talk to HIM and ask HIS advice on whether to do or not to do something! You would sing to HIM and tell HIM how much you loved HIM and with tears of love and joy in your eyes you would humble yourself before HIM and pray and seek HIS face and HIS will in your life...NOTHING else mattered in this life but you and HIM...remember that? I do! That was the only way you knew how to worship GOD. As the days turned to weeks, and months into years, your heart was still HIS own...but was the "flames of love" a little cooler now? When someone mentions JESUS' name, does your mind say in a "ho-hum" manner..."Oh dear, here we go again." And you plaster a frozen smile across your lips to be polite? Do you recall when the "embers of burning desire" turned to "ashes of cold-love-turned-to-boredom"? When did it happen? What came into your life throughout the years that took the place of your own Saviour, whom you "promised to love and obey, til death do you part." after all it was like a "marriage" wasn't it? Like a "partnership of love" in the beginning. What entered into your heart that stole "that loving feeling"?

Was it called "satisfaction" in your spiritual walk or "comfortable" in the way that you had learned to "serve GOD" over the years? Did you become "used to" GOD and having HIM in your life, like a "comfortable old shoe"...did HE become like an old-friend-of-the-family, in the sense that when someone new entered into your life HE could be put on the burner while they visited and then get HIM back out when they left? Did the years "harden your heart" so that you no longer felt "tears of compassion" for your fellowman when you saw someone in dire need or hurting in this life? Could you finally look at the news and see starving or dying children and adults and just "brush it off" as "a part of life"? Did the arguments between you and others build a wall that just kept getting "higher and wider" as the years went on? Did disagreements between family and friends with you, "drive a wedge" between your love and friendship, til you learned that you no longer cared whether you heard from them or not...or even cared where they were or if they lived or died? Was there a "cold spot" in your heart that got bigger and colder with each passing year...even though you "thought" you were living a Christian life? But in your heart of hearts, you KNEW that you had "backslidden in your own soul"? Even though you attended church services as you had for years...and read your Bible in all "duty to GOD". Though you had said the prayers and sang the hymns and recited the KNEW that your heart that had once been of "softened flesh" was now "cold stone" towards GOD. Your lips talked of HIM, and your life showed you practiced what you said you believed, but your heart was far from HIM. You were a miserable wretch and YOU were the one who KNEW the answer of why?! Did you note that some prayers didn't seem to be answered to your prayers? Did you wonder why? Did you get "used to the idea" that they would just go unanswered? Did your faith waiver in GOD? Did doubts begin to creep into your heart and mind and you began to make excuses for why things weren't happening in your life and why you could no longer do "what you did in the beginning" with GOD?! Was it that you had "grown in the LORD"? Or had you "out-grown" the LORD in your life?! These questions can only be answered by your own heart and soul. No one else can answer these questions for us.

There is a price to pay in this life and though the doctrines teach that we are "saved by grace" (through faith) it isn't enough to "talk the talk", we MUST "walk the walk" that GOD gives us to walk. We can no longer make excuses for allowing "sin" into our lives, for we can be "perfect even as GOD is perfect" for little John says we can! Are we to "continue in sin" (as Paul asked us)? He says "GOD FORBID"! We have an advocate, YES! But HE is not to be USED! You see my FATHER spoke before and told us that: "You can always tell when a doctrine comes from satan, for in that doctrine he ALWAYS MAKES PROVISION FOR SIN to remain in ones life!" For you see IF he can make us THINK that we can never become perfect (as GOD says in HIS WORD..."Be ye perfect, as I AM perfect." Sin is makes NO difference to GOD! A lie (small, as we consider it, or to steal or to covet another's goods (wife, husband, children, house, clothes, etc.) it makes NO difference to GOD whether you do one of the small sins or whether you are like Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, the Hamas, Timothy McVeigh, Charles Manson & his Manson family members..makes NO difference to GOD, for you see the WORD says "ALL have SINNED and COME SHORT of the GLORY of GOD." So therefore we are ALL considered the SAME in GOD's eyes! "GOD is NOT A RESPECTER of persons", as HIS WORD says. But we, as human's, do show respect of persons whether it is the President of the U.S. or Queen of England, or a homeless wino down on Hollywood and Vine laying in the ditch! But that is the difference between GOD and us...HOLINESS and JUSTICE and perfect RIGHTEOUSNESS towards all mankind!

For GOD is a HOLY GOD and "without FAITH it is impossible to please GOD." "FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for; the EVIDENCE of things NOT SEEN." Can you "break that down" any better? Sure! Substance is what? Something tangible..something you can feel and touch. Evidence is something that is PROOF of the existence of the Substance! FAITH isn't unseen is very visible in our lives if we think about it. Like we wake up every morning and we "have faith" that the water will come out of the spigot when we turn it on, right? We "have faith" that there will be a light to brighten up the room when we turn on the light switch, don't we? So where is the FAITH that GOD "once delivered unto the saints"? Did that FAITH die with them!? Or is it locked and hidden away in GOD's people ( are we hiding our candle under a bushel away from people )? Have you ever thought of that? I have! These past few weeks (month or so) I have been praying and cursing these things that are in my body (not "cussing"...but cursing them in the name of JESUS if you know what I mean) saying that they have NO right to this body...that they are not from GOD and they they have to "wither and die" for they are cursed by GOD in heaven...and you know what has happened? The pain has gotten worse, the IBS is killing me, the colon is swelled big and the tumor under the armpit is aching and throbbing and the breast is stinging in pain and the back and hips are like they have been broken and my guts inside feels like someone put me on the floor and stomped me! Let me say that this "body has turned against me" completely! *S* Now what do I do?...I have been calling friends and family for prayer when the pain is so great that I feel I can't take it any more! I have been calling them to pray that GOD deliver me from this cursed illness and heal me completely from every infirmity in this body...and til then I pray that HE will sustain me and make me able to endure this wretched pain that this body is casting forth upon me...for you see it will be by FAITH in GOD that I shall be delivered for I already have been told by many doctors that there is nothing more they can do (short of colostomies, and more operations. etc.) of which I do not want! So now it depends entirely upon my FATHER and HIS healing power to touch me and make me whole from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet! And some morning I shall wake up to find that ALL the pain is gone, that all signs in this physical body are NO LONGER in effect and that GOD has done HIS promise and healed me from ALL infirmities! And on this I shall stand because GOD is my CREATOR and HEALER and KING and HE is my HOLY FATHER!

So with that all said, I come again to the question of when? When did you first notice that the "light had gone out of your marriage" with JESUS? When did you notice that HIS name didn't send a thrill of electricity down your spine? When did you first note that GOD's miracles in the Bible had kind of become "old hat" to you and you were no longer "thrilled to read that HE parted the Red Sea, or healed the sick and raised the dead"? When did these stories become so familiar to you that they really did not touch your soul with amazement or awe?! So when did it all become so boring to you? You say GOD is not boring to me...yet if it came to a "good football game" between your favourite teams and Bible Study which would you choose? If it came down to seeing a loved one who wasn't around often but visited once a year, and studying the WORD of GOD like you usually practiced daily, what would you do? Put it on the back-burner til they left? *S* I'm not being "snide nor rude" but I am being "honest" and if you can't be "honest with yourself" then "there is something rotten in Denmark!"(That is an old saying) which is to say: that "you can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but YOU CAN'T FOOL ~G~O~D ~ ANYTIME!! So let's get on with the lesson then and find out what YOU would GIVE in EXCHANGE for YOUR soul...okay?

Well let's consider this if you would: What is HOLINESS? Look it up in the Strong's Concordance (even Webster's dictionary) and you will see what the definition for HOLINESS is...and what we are meant to be before GOD. What is it to be RIGHTEOUS? Look that one up to...or to be DEDICATED, unto GOD or to be SANCTIFIED daily in the SPIRIT of GOD! Look these up and look up SIN, UNHOLY, UNRIGHTEOUS, UNCLEAN, DIRTY, WICKED, FILTHY, UNTRUE! Many other things I could name, but these are enough for now! You may wonder WHY I am saying these things to each of you or WHY I should even write to YOU with this kind of Lesson...well, GOD is my FATHER and HE gives me these lessons (as HE did in the Bible Studies down home for 8-10 years!) And when HE shares HIS ideas with me, it is like HIM sharing them with a pastor or a teacher in your own church and if HE tells us something, it is for OUR OWN good! Except it is not a "doctrine of man" it is the teachings of is HIS WORD that HE expounds upon and HE gives it to HIS children just as HE would a preacher, or a teacher, or evangelist, and any other member of the BODY of CHRIST. For you see WE are the BODY of CHRIST...not some "church denomination" and building where people meet weekly to hear what a man has to say to them about the Bible and the next Bingo game, or the Bible and the next "pot-luck dinner", or the Bible and the next meeting of the Women's Rotary Club...and "blagh-blagh-blagh" etc. etc. and all that garbage that infiltrates our churches now days! I DO NOT recall reading anywhere that Paul and Peter went to a a"pot-luck" dinner or had a Bingo game to draw in more people for the church membership! I DO NOT recall reading where Isaiah and Daniel held a "garage sale" in order to raise some money for the synagogue or some Women's club held a raffle in order to raise the funds to support the missionary (maybe Jonah to Nineveh :) NOT! I DO NOT recall anything like that being was all done in order and direction from GOD and it was done in "the FAITH that GOD once delivered unto the saints"! The things I write are to be applied to OUR OWN lives...not to someone else's life! Let them make the application on their own accord! We cannot tell someone else HOW to live or HOW to talk or HOW to dress and HOW to act...but our GOD can do HIS own speaking when WE allow HIM to speak to our heart.

For we ALL know that we "were born in sin" and it is the WILL of the FLESH to just "fulfill the lusts of the flesh" is what? It is is to be carnal minded. But to fulfill the desires of the SPIRIT, is to have LIFE and shall reap life everlasting in the Spirit. So when we "sow to the flesh" we can expect our works to be corruptible and shall reap corruption to ourselves...but to sow to the SPIRIT, we shall reap everlasting life in the SPIRIT of GOD! None of us are to be high-minded (proud and haughty) towards others as to think that WE are better than anyone else (no matter how spiritual we may be towards GOD) or how far we are in our walk with HIM, or how many years we have served HIM. . For at one time in our lives WE were "in the same boat" with the worst of sinners and it is only by GOD's compassionate grace that we have come to know the true GOD and not have been raised to believe in idols and many false gods that millions upon millions of people now give over their lives to and live for them in all blindness and ignorance! Only a miracle of GOD that it is WE that believe in the GOD of creation and NOT in other "man-made gods" and idols! For those souls of those people shall one day stand before GOD and have to "give account" for their reasoning and beliefs and only GOD, HIMSELF knows how HE shall judge them in that day! For they have not accepted HIS one offering that HE sent to us for the forgiveness of our sins and that was HIS only son. ONE that was "part of HIM, out of HIM" so much like the FATHER that they were as ONE. For GOD to "bring forth of HIMSELF" to come to earth to see what it was like to live in the human-cocoon called "flesh" and to go through all of the temptations of mankind and to "rise above all of these fleshly lusts" as to stand ALONE in RIGHTEOUSNESS and HOLINESS and then tell us in HIS WORD that we, too can live in perfection and be perfect as HE IS PERFECT!

So with these questions asked and upon our hearts, let us examine our OWN heart and soul to see if "we fall short of the GLORY of GOD". And if we do, then it is totally up to us to get up from the "muck and mire of sin" and wipe ourselves off and start again with JESUS by our side. We MUST get the sins out of our life in order to be HOLY as GOD is HOLY! We shall be judged for every sin that is standing between us and the FATHER...for you see HE will never associate with sin in any form, and so that is the why so many people cannot see HIS power as they once did...that is why some do not feel the love for HIM that they once felt ("come back to your FIRST LOVE" as Revelation says) and it is our duty to our own soul to see that we bring the "flesh under subjection" and do the will of GOD and not what WE would WILL in our lives! For if you think of some of your loved ones (I have many) that have gone on to heaven before us and answer this question: "HOW did they get to heaven?" Some say by accepting CHRIST...or believing in JESUS...or doing what the Bible says to do. But again I ask "HOW" did they go to heaven? They went to heaven THROUGH death of the flesh! They could NOT enter heaven with this corruptible flesh, so they had to "overcome it" and "lay it down" in order to cross over into heaven into the kingdom of GOD! So likewise, we, who are alive and REMAIN, must put on "incorruption" by the killing of the flesh and the raising of the Spirit man in order to take over the flesh, so that we are no longer of "corruptible flesh" but are instead of the "incorruptible Spirit" of GOD and shall live forth on this earth as the "sons of the living GOD"! No longer to be overtaken in a fall, but to rise above all sin and live in HOLINESS unto the LORD and our "FAITH shall be as RIGHTEOUSNESS unto GOD"! So in these last days when HE shall begin HIS "judgment (begins) in the house of GOD"...tell me:

"What would YOU give in exchange for YOUR soul?"

~ As Paul states in Galations 5:19-21 ~ "Now the works of the flesh are manifest which are these: Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envying, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like:"..."they which do such things shall NOT inherit the kingdom of GOD."

If you do not know what any of the above words mean, PLEASE look them up in a dictionary or the Concordance to find out their meanings. And may GOD have mercy upon all of us in these last days...GOD bless!