Come to ME as a little child, said JESUS. And that is how we

must come to HIM, as a little who is full of

trust and love for our FATHER. Of all the pictures I have seen

I really love the one on this page because it depicts the way

I think JESUS would have acted around little children!

Full of laughter and having such fun with them!

"While We Live"
No one lives forever.
So let them know
And let it grow.
For love is for you to give.
Not to hold it inside
to never let it go.
A friend, a lover, a spouse, a parent or even a pet.
They all must feel your love;
You must give them all, and yet.
Knowing that someday they will leave.
For no one is
promised the tomorrow.
And here we are in deep sorrow.
Breaking your heart;
Your spirit, to grieve.
But while they are with you
And each day that you share.
Give them all your love.
All of it you share.
So when they are gone,
No more to see.
No more to hold.
The love you gave them,
Is in your heart, and
the memories are more precious than gold.
(7-27-04 K.S.)

I can't...................I CAN! I won't......................I WILL!

I don't......................I DO! I doubt it.................I BELIEVE it!

Let all the Negative words stay OUT of your mouth!

DO NOT speak any more negative things about yourself,

your spouse, your family or your friends and see the hand of GOD

move in your behalf! This world is full of "negativity" and all things

that are positive are very "few indeed"! It seems that the more

"negative" you are the more things happen to you doesn't it?

The more you say "I can't." Then the more "you don't"!

If you keep saying that you "don't believe" you can do the job

right, then you find that you "do not" do the job right because

YOU believe YOU can't! You think that things happen because

that is the way things are meant to be..well think again! The word

of GOD says that we live "By EVERY word that proceedeth out

of the mouth of GOD"..meaning that everything GOD spoke to us,

about us, for us, and promising us HIS good things in life

are just what HE meant for us to have in life..we should

LIVE by HIS WORD! HE says that the "the power of LIFE

and DEATH are in the tongue". Meaning that when HE said

in the beginning: "Let there be light AND there was light" is

the same thing we should say about our own lives and the lives

of our family and friends! We can speak blessings upon another

or we can speak cursings upon them.. it is in the tongue

(the language we speak it with). Remember how very

important it was for the sons of the Old Testament prophets

and saints of GOD to give "blessings upon" their children?

Remember how the children "looked forward" to the

blessings of their parents (usually the Father but I am sure

GOD would honour the Mother's blessings also).

Well the Bible is full of promises and blessings from GOD

to HIS children and if we are HIS true children then we

should claim HIS promises and blessings for our life and the

lives of our family and friends! If you are always complaining

that you are poor then the word comes out of your mouth and

falls upon your own ears and your Spirit man consumes

these fruits of your Spirit and he does not grow strong

and rich in the fruits of GOD but even in your physical life,

you take on the attributes that you have spoken upon your

own life! That is what we, as followers of JESUS CHRIST

must do! Stop ALL negativity coming out of our mouth at all

times and at all costs! The tongue holds the power of

LIFE and we have to be careful of what we say about

ourselves or of another! Don't be a complainer either!

STOP nagging others about something or stop whining when

things don't "go your way"! I am saying this to ME too as well as

to ALL of you who want to do right in the eyes of our

FATHER GOD. When we are "stuck in traffic" whether in

the heat or the cold, instead of mumbling under our breath

or getting our blood-pressure shooting up from a

"temper tantrum"..let us look up to heaven and "thank GOD

for the day and for our car, and for us being able to get out and

drive (there are many who cannot even leave their beds)!

We should always thank GOD in ALL things as the Bible says:

"In all things, give thanks." When the kids cry or fight and

get on your nerves instead of saying "I think I'm going crazy

in all this noise!" Look up to GOD and thank HIM for our

children and for their voices that "can be heard" by our ears,

because we aren't DEAF! Be thankful that we can SEE and

we are not BLIND! Be happy that our children are able to talk

and run and laugh and shout and fight and know that


And our children are "good things"! They are blessings from our

FATHER in heaven! For all we say really does come back to our

ears and as the old saying goes "What goes around, comes around."

You know we an ALWAYS see the faults or the wrong in

others, but sometimes we tend to "blind our eyes" to our own faults!

That is "dead wrong"! First (as JESUS said) "get the mote out of

your own eye and you can see clearly to get the beam out of your

friends eye" or in other words "Get the 2x4 out of your own eye

first then you can see to get the "splinter" out of your brothers

eye"! Remember it is easier to see the sins of another than to

see your own in your life! But if we "train" ourselves to get out

a magnifying glass and look into our own hearts

I am sure we could stand some cleaning up..none of shall escape

the day of wrath that is coming so very soon! NONE of us!

The church is going to be so surprised she will stand with her

mouth agape in utter dismay and shock that she was NOT

taken out of all of the hell that is to be unleashed upon earth!

Too late then to say "I'm sorry"..too late then to say

"I never meant to say or do that"..too late then to say

"Oh my GOD, I ask YOU to forgive me"..for in that day "forgiveness

 is  going  be void as the divorce decree is set forth to HIS

church and HE sets her free to "sin her sins forever more"

oh what a day that will be! Who will she get to help her?

Who will she cry to in that day?

Who will die for this church in the day to come?

Who but the "sons of GOD"?

What a day is coming upon us children and I pray that all of us

 are prepared to "go through hell to get to heaven"!

Because that is just what it shall be, "HELL ON EARTH"

and we have to be fighting mad at the devil and ready to put on

our armour that GOD has ready for us to fight in that great

battle! Praise GOD! But with HIM we cannot fail! So as

I have said before remember "I can, I will, I do, I believe, I am"

and don't ever use the negative things that we think about

ourselves..DO NOT put them into words but speak blessings

and honour, and righteousness and faith and love and peace and

charity, and understanding, and holiness unto our own lives

and hearts..may GOD bless us everyone and may we all be ready

when King JESUS comes for HIS own! (K.S. June 29, 2004)

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