~~Facing death with a loved one~~

~My Mother~

Pic & Frame done by my niece, Terri, of Terrie's Treasures.


As I started the pages on the death of my son &

my Mother ...remember? I got the page done of

Ellis, but it drained me emotionally and

physically that night and so I left this one for later

because I knew it would also be very hard on my

mental and emotional being. I don't know

where to begin actually. Mother always had a...


~~~ blessings to all of you ~~~

The above was taken from my latest book

"MY LIFE JOURNAL (From My Heart To Yours)"

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This one is an oldie when she was much younger! This is Mother, me and my niece, Terri back in the  early 50's! What fun to be young again!   This was made by my niece, Terri, and also the beautiful memorial locket at the top.  

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