Did you see the Passion of Christ? I did.

There were so many people who said that it

was so "bloody and gruesome" and  just too

 much BLOOD! Too much time was spent

on the beating  that JESUS took from

 the soldiers (about 30 or 45 minutes of it)!

There definitely was too much violence they

said!  Well if you take what the Bible says

 about HIS last day upon earth,

you will see that it was not a picnic!

HE was up the whole night before in prayer to

the FATHER (have YOU ever spent a whole

night in prayer? Never ceasing?) I doubt it!

So before we break our arms patting ourselves

on the back for what little we do pray,

 perhaps we should remember this! 

Then HE was delivered to the soldiers by a

"so called FRIEND", one with whom HE had

spent about three and a half years with daily.

Teaching him about love and forgiveness.

And this was HIS reward! Judas delivered

HIM to the enemy with a "friends kiss"

upon the cheek. Betraying our LORD

with a little "kiss"! And by his greed he

"sold our LORD" for 30 pieces of silver!

Later he couldn't live with himself, so he

committed suicide and split hell wide open!

So from praying all night in the garden,

JESUS then was taken to out and spit upon

and smacked around for awhile! It was so

early that the rooster had not even crowed yet,

for when it crowed two times, Peter had

already denied HIM three times! Then when

it first got sunrise (probably so they

wouldn't stub their toes in the dark or trip

over their long robes of (self) righteousness),

so at the "crack of dawn" they took

JESUS to the chief priests and elders

as to charge HIM with some trumped-up

crime and full of lies, then after accusing

HIM there, they could take HIM to Pilot

and after slapping HIM around and grueling

HIM for we don't know how long, they

finally took JESUS to Pilot and since he

could find nothing wrong in JESUS, he sent

HIM to Herod. Then after questioning HIM

for awhile, Pilot didn't find anything wrong

in HIM so he sent JESUS back to Herod.

I guess they thought they were playing a

"ping pong" game and JESUS was the ball!

All this time, you must realize that HE had not

gotten any sleep the night before and had

already been punched and smacked around

much of the morning by big Roman soldiers

(for I tell you this much, there were no little

men in the armies of Rome)! So back and

forth HE went and hearing the people HE

loved so much deny HIM and to make up

lies about HIM and accuse HIM of terrible

heresies! How it must have broken HIS

heart of love! From there they decided

to at last release a true criminal to the

people, because of course that is what they

wanted! They wanted JESUS to be crucified!

Pilot said he would have JESUS whipped

(which was truly bad enough because they

usually beat them with a cat of nine tails

with 39 lashes across the back and front!

And the cat of nine tails usually consisted of

pieces of metal, broken pottery, chards of

glass, the normal things that would really

tear the hide off of someone when they were

beaten with it!) But they would have NO part

of it! They wanted JESUS "dead" and out of

their hair! Now people say, it was the "Jews"

and some say it was the "Romans" who put

JESUS to death, but I tell you it was NO one

that put HIM to death! They brought about

the "cause of death of the flesh", but NO ONE

killed HIM, because as HE had said before this

"no man takes MY life, but I give it"! HE "

gave HIS live" for YOU and for ME, so that

we could live with HIM and the FATHER

in heaven for eternity! So HE laid HIS life

down as sure as one removes a piece of clothing

 from the body, this is what JESUS did!

Now getting back to the beating which

came again after HE left Pilot. HE was

beaten so badly, well let's put it this way:

If you take a piece of meat and put it on

a meat board and just "beat it" with a

metal meat tenderizer (like a hammer with

little spike things on it) and hit it 39 times

in the same spot can you imagine what it

is going to look like? But then if you took

knife and hit it 39 times (as a person would be

stabbed) just think of how the meat would

look! Pretty BLOODY and smashed up!

Well that is what they did to JESUS

and I am willing to bet that HIS flesh just

hung like ribbons on his frame! So, yea,

it wasn't a pretty site! When it says that

the soldiers "punched" HIM, the word in

Greek, which means they "boxed" HIS face

like a boxer in a ring does their opponent!

So you can imagine HE looked worse than

 "Rocky" ever thought to be! You know what

I mean?! Well I will put it this way, the

movie that Mel Gibson put out called

"The PASSION of CHRIST" really just

"highlighted" what JESUS went through!

He just "touched on the sufferings" that

JESUS suffered for YOU and for ME!

I cried during HIS beating on that stone

in the midst of the crowd and thought

"No please don't do it anymore. Please

JESUS just forget it! No it isn't worth it!"

Oh man did I feel bad for HIM! It tore at my

heart for days and when I see it in my minds

eye again, then I just cringe at it and cry again!

But for the love of GOD, this would not have

happened! But for the love that JESUS

had for YOU and for ME, this would

not have happened! But for the love

that the FATHER and the SON both have

 for us, then this would not have happened and

we would not have one chance of living always,

forever, eternally, and never-ending in

heaven with them! Not ONE chance if

JESUS had not done that for YOU and

for ME! Doomed forever to spend eternity

in the damnation of hell that was prepared

for the devil and his angels!

From the 6th to the 9th hour (like from

12 noon til 3 p.m., it was dark, and JESUS

hung there on the cross. Now this darkness

should have told those people something!

This was nine hours after being taken from the

garden and this is after HIS all the beatings and

punching and kicking and being spit upon!

And HE carried HIS cross a lot of the way

to Golgotha. And no doubt it was a couple

of  hundred pounds in weight too! No small

stick I can tell you that much! Oh and yet

that "love of HIS" still shown through

as HE was dying upon the cross, as HE

looked out upon the hate-filled crowd, still

shouting and jeering at HIM; and HE said:

"FATHER, forgive them."

Oh the love of it all right there in HIS heart!

The love that HE shed upon us because of

the love in HIS own soul for us! That even the

FATHER turned away because HIS own SON

"became sin for us"! To think of it! Imagine it!

JESUS the CHRIST became YOUR gossipy

tongue! HE became MY lying spirit! HE became

YOUR lustful thoughts! HE became YOUR

pride and vanity in the flesh! HE became MY

self-centeredness, and YOUR very own

self-righteousness! HE became everyone's

SIN because it said that HE cried out:

"MY GOD, MY GOD! Why hast THOU

forsaken ME?"

Even HE wondered what happened!

You see JESUS became our filthy rags

of unrighteousness and our selfishness and

our own lying and stealing spirits, and

our backbiting, hateful gossiping tongues.

HE became all this and more and HIS own

FATHER could no longer look upon HIM

for the rancidness of HIS covering! For no

longer was HE the sinless, holy, righteous,

glorious SON, but now HE had become

OUR SIN for US! And for this, HIS own

FATHER could not look upon HIM and

remain in HIM and for that split second in time

JESUS was separated from HIS FATHER!

And that had never been before and shall

never be again! For in the next breath HE

said to HIS FATHER:

"IT is done. FATHER, into THY hands

I commit my Spirit."

And HE hung HIS head and

"gave up the ghost"!

And here you note again, that "HE GAVE"!

Letting us know once again that NO ONE

took HIS life, but HE "gave it" for us!

So if you hear someone saying that the

 PASSION of CHRIST was too bloody and

so very violent! You just tell them:

"Yes it  most certainly was and

that was only the beginning!"

 (K.S. 2-27-05)