Travel with me to the far away

places of fun & enchantment!

From the Eastern parts of the

U.S.A. to the Western half and

across the seas to England,

and taking a slow boat into 

China, then onto Hong Kong

   and dipping down the ocean into

the Philippines, then turning 

up North to Switzerland.

  Next we will go East and way to

the South to the coasts of the

African continent! These

are only a few of the countries

where my wonderful friends

live, work and play!

These are pics of Elaine and her spouse,

 Michael from jolly old England!

  they had a Riverboat party and

   dressed Old West occasion! Looks like they had a grand old time!


 Now Cindy & Roger in Ohio. Hello!

And off we go to Switzerland to meet my Elfi!

Such a sweeter person you will not find!

My own sweet sis is next taken when she was in Nevada in o4.


          She visited our niece, Terri

and of course Terri's daughter &

the grandbabies too!

       Going onto Hong Kong

we find Kris and her Mama. Hey there sweetie!


Swinging up towards China we see Lee! 

   And taking a dip slightly to the Southwest of China we head into

         the Philippines and see Marissa

and meet some of her friends and fellow Sunday

 School teachers too!   

From Africa we meet Collins!

     And back to the U.S.A. up in the mid-west, we meet up with

 Arlene & Elmer